Take the concepts learned from our Part 1 Fundamentals course and sharpen your prophetic ability even more.
Prerequisite : Pro 21 Fundamentals

Starting  Monday, Nov. 23, 2020    8:30 pm EST (New York time)

Online Home Study Course


"It gave me a sense of confidence...  the teaching is awesome..." Nicole

"It has been phenomenal... I have learned so much. I'm amazed to see myself prophesy so accurately..." John

"This class is helping me to overcome fear and increasing my confidence ... it's nice to be in a place that's safe ...   Tamson

Thank you for teaching this way.  A lot of people don't really do it this way...  It kind of pushes us to really know and understand that we are hearing God and that we CAN hear God.

  • Each lesson with associated Prophetic Activations     
  • Enrollment includes 7 Lessons


Lessons Include:

Lesson 1 - Review Level 1 with Activation Exercises

Lesson 2 - Prophecy - From God or Self   

This lesson helps you to better distinguish your voice from the Lord's voice

Lesson 3 - The Revelation Gifts of the Spirit   

This lesson deals with the Word of Knowledge, Word of Wisdom and Discerning of Spirits with activation exercises ministering to a group and ministering healing and deliverance.

Lesson 4 - Prophetic and the Word    

This lesson will teach you how to  prophetically minister the word of God and work further with prophetic teams.

Lesson 5 - Personal Prophecy    

Dealing with Ministering and Receiving Personal Prophecy with exercises involving prophetic rhyming, writings and ministering quick one on one prophecies.

Lesson 6 - Prophecy, Going Deeper

Ready to take your Prophecy even Deeper?  This lesson challenges you to minister a deeper and more extensive word.

Lesson 7 - Prophetic Praise and Worship  

Lesson focuses on Praise and Worship with exercises with music and prophetic songs.


For Part 2 Registration + 3 Thirty Minute coaching sessions - $185

Before Nov. 21, 2020
Single registration - $125 - No Coaching



After Nov 21, 2020
Single Registration $135

For 2 - weekly installments of $70, use this pay option.