If you have taken our Level 2 Intermediate Course,
then you are ready to go to the next level with Level 3.
Prerequisite : Pro 21 Intermediate Course

Next Class Online Pro-21 Advanced Home Study Course
Lessons 1-7  Thursdays, Mar 22 - May 3
9:14 PM  EST


Here is our course plan:

Lesson 1  -  Dreams and Interpretations

Getting a scriptural understanding of interpreting the sleep language of God.  This module will help you be able to interpret your dreams as well as others.

Lesson 2 -  Prophetic Evangelism  

Learning how to flow in the prophetic outside the church 4 walls.  This lesson will help you minister prophetically to the unsaved.

Lesson 3  -  Kingdom Authority  

Learn how to walk in Kingdom Authority and apply it to the prophetic.


Lesson 4  -  Prophetic Healing

This module will teach you how  to minister healing to the sick.


Lesson 5  -  Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

This module will stretch your prophetic ability with different types of exercises.


Lesson 6  -  Prophetic Intercession  

This module will taking Prophetic Prayers to another dimension.


Lesson 7  -  BONUS LESSON - Prophetic Teams Another Level


PLUS ...  A Single One-on-One Prophetic Coaching Session 

Single payment of $125 before Mar 16, 2018.  

Or 4 WEEKLY payments of $35.

  Single payment of $135 after Mar 16, 2018.