Prophetic Training Testimonials

Prior to training ... "I have never prophesied to 8 people before...  it clarified a lot of different things for me... you made it very, very clear..."  Debra

Quinn helped me build so much confidence... I enjoyed his teaching so much, I recommended it to other people  .. he helps to build a solid foundation in the giftings God has given you...


I've been to a lot of prophetic conferences, paying for air ...  I got more out of this class than I have gotten from any conference.  on top of that I got a one-one one consultation to target my weak areas YOU DON"T GET THAT AT A CONFERENCE..."

“The coaching was so helpful! It allowed me to address and eliminate the kinks that kept me stuck in my prophetic flow. It helped me to fine tune my flow to be even more confident with accuracy.  I 
have taken many prophetic training classes and never have I experienced such thorough teachings and sharpening activations.  In addition to that, the opportunities to personally connect with my instructor made a world of difference.  In other trainings I attended, I was lucky if I got close enough to them to shake their hand, let alone address any issues I had.”   Sharon W  

"I'd taken other classes, I never prophesied to more than 1 person...   Last week I prophesied to 8 people.  The format to be able to practice ... is so rare ... it made all the difference in the world...THIS WAS WAY BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS...  I did not dream that I would be where I am in such a short time...  I thought I had to take all three courses to be where I am the 4th week I was like wow!  This is way better than I could really imagine!"  Sam

Hey Pastor Quinn,
"I am grateful for coming across your webpage and signing up for the Prophetic training class. Although this class is open to anyone who wants to be used by God; it has been helpful in helping me to move in the prophetic. Before taking your training I had not prophesied to more than one person nor had I flowed with a prophetic team. But since taking your training, I have prophesied to several people and been a part of a prophetic team in ministering to others. As I shared with you this training is much needed in the Body of Christ. Continue to make the training available to the people and just as God allowed me to come across it, so will others. Look forward to taking more training from your ministry."
Jacqueline M.