Phase 2  

Ministry Training 102  - The Message (Public Speaking)

In this module, you will learn powerful tips on public speaking. Being in ministry may require you to speak to a group or a congregation therefore, this module focuses on developing your public speaking skills. Each Elite or Elite Plus participant will have the opportunity to address the fear the public speaking by giving 3 speaking presentations over the phone. Each message will be recorded, evaluated and given constructive feedback. Personal coaching and mentoring is an option.

Maximum Class size - 8
Topics discussed:
  • How to Study the Bible 
  • Receiving and Developing the Message 
  • Public Speaking - Do's and Don'ts 
  • Message Delivery 
  • Speaking Critique and Feedback 
  • Mentoring and Coaching 
Our First Class Begins 
March 15, 2017

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All of our Ministry training modules are currently conducted online as Live Training Webinars only.  International participants are welcome.  International web access with audio is available. All you need is a solid internet connection.

Phase 1 

Ministry Training Fundamentals 101 - The Foundation

This POWERFUL module is an introduction for those who feel they are called into ministry and may need a good foundation to discovering what their ministry is, growing more into hearing God's voice and deepening their understanding of prayer and their position in Christ.  If you never had any ministry training, this foundation module is a must.  Be prepared to be inspired and learn a wide range of ministry topics!

  • Understanding the Kingdom and Kingdom Authority 
  • Hearing God's Voice 
  • Prayer and Intercession and Fasting 
  • Introduction to Healing Ministry 
  • Introduction to Deliverance Ministry 
  • Understanding the Anointing 

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      Phase 3

      Ministry Training 103 - Leadership 
      How often are people put into Christian leadership positions without the basic fundamentals of how to be a leader.  This module focuses on how to be an effective leader.  There's more to bearing a title of a minister, elder or even the title of pastor.  When you know how to lead effectively, people who want to grow as a leader will want to follow you.  

      Topics discussed:
      • Leadership Fundamentals
      • How to Effectively Lead
      • Leadership Styles - Discovering Your Style
      • Developing a Team
      • Learning from Biblical Leaders
      • Leadership Evaluation
      Business Training

      Learn how to use FREE and inexpensive tools to help run and grow your business including webinars and email marketing to effectively grow your Business Ministry!  This module includes hands-on coaching and mentoring conducting where you get the help you need to design, create and conduct your own webinar tying in email marketing using FREE tools.  You will conduct 3 short webinars and receive instruction, constructive feedback and coaching.

      • Designing Flyers, Postcards, marketing material with FREE tools
      • Growing Your Business Using Webinars
      • Making the Best use of Email Marketing
      • Using Your Business as a Ministry Platform