Overcome the Fear of Prophetic Ministry

I think back at the time I grew up in a pentecostal church.  I really didn't understand the gifts of the Spirit and was enthused by the fact that God can talk to us.  There would be certain revivalists or evangelists who would come in and preach and prophesy to others and you would hear them say, "God spoke to me..." or "God told me to tell you..."

God would talk through another person to give them instructions and insight.  Wow!  A young boy couldn't help but to be impressed!

It wasn't until many years later that someone prophesied to me.  I recall that I was wearing a collarless shirt buttoned to the top and we were waiting for the previous church service to end so that we can set up the musical equipment for our protestant service at Eglin Air Force Base.  We shared the chapel there amongst different worship services and our service was up next.  While waiting, one of the choir members passed by and pointed at me and prophesied to me about me being in ministry.  I wonder to this day if she could tell what was going on in my mind.  I never had a desire to preach.  I just enjoyed playing my saxophone. Oh, and just for the record... for those who say that all prophecy must confirm with you, well... this did NOT confirm.  If only she knew the sinful life I was enjoying.

Fast forward about a year later. God started convicting me about my life in sin and I surrendered at the altar on a Sunday morning. Long story short, now I'm in ministry and teaching others how to minister to others while overcoming their fear of prophesying.

Here are 4 quick tips to overcoming the fear of prophesying:

1.  Engage.  Plug into a non-threatening learning environment that will teach you about prophetic ministry.

2.  Practice.  This learning environment should be able to provide ample opportunity to practice hearing God's voice and
     ministering to others.

3.  Feedback.  Most Prophetic Training programs allow you to receive honest feedback to ensure that you are on the
     right track of hearing God's voice.

4.  Repeat.  Repeat steps 1 through 3 over and over again.

If you find yourself fearful of ministering a word of encouragement to others, check out some testimonies of our students.  Also, receive our short / powerful MP3 audio lessons on Hearing God's voice.  Click below to gain access to our web site.


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