Growing Your Prophetic Gifting - Testimonial

I've been to the place of feeling like God couldn't and wouldn't want to use me because I wasn't "perfect."  I felt as I offended God in more ways than one and condemnation had set in.  I really didn't know or understand the power of forgiveness and justification so I would go through a period of feeling guilty.  Ever been there? 

Of course while going through that period, walking in the prophetic never even crossed my mind.  Then once I got on a good run of pleasing God in my walk, I'd feel a little more spiritual and supposedly my hearing God ability was working again.

The truth of the matter is, my hearing God ability never really stopped working.  I learned that conviction was actually one of the ways God was speaking to me. 

I thought I was the only one who went through cycles like this, but then I heard Sharon's testimonial of what prophetic training did for her.

Without knowing nor needing to know Sharon's situation, she felt like her Prophetic Gift had stopped.  As she put it, she felt like God "shut her down."  Then something happened.  She writes: 

"I've been to a lot of prophetic conferences, paying for air ...  I got more out of this class than I have gotten from any conference.  On top of that I got a one-one one consultation to target my weak areas YOU DON"T GET THAT AT A CONFERENCE..." 

“The coaching was so helpful! It allowed me to address and eliminate the kinks that kept me stuck in my prophetic flow. It helped me to fine tune my flow to be even more confident with accuracy.  I have taken many prophetic training classes and never have I experienced such thorough teachings and sharpening activations.  In addition to that, the opportunities to personally connect with my instructor made a world of difference.  In other trainings I attended, I was lucky if I got close enough to them to shake their hand, let alone address any issues I had.”    Sharon W. 

Long story short, if you need help stirring and growing your prophetic gifting, consider doing what Sharon did.  She participated in our Prophetic Home Study Course. 

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