7 Reasons Why Dreams Die

  As I review my life, I see some accomplishments and some failures.  Many mistakes and many lessons learned.  Some goals I achieved after and some I am still working on.  And if you are anything like me, you have some goals that you been saying you are going to accomplish and it has been years and it's still not done.  Some dreams are still alive and some are somewhat dormant.  Some... I'm not so sure I still want them or not.  Some I want, but don't know how I can accomplish them.  

Below, are 7 reasons why people give up on their dreams.  See if you can relate to any of these.

1. Life knocked you around a few times and knocked the wind out of you and you are trying to get stable and figure out what happened.  As you are coming up for air, you don't even want to think about tackling something challenging.

2. Someone talked you out of it.  They said some negative things and caused you to doubt it all.  What they said rings in your mind more than the dream.

3. You stopped imagining it.  You stopped seeing yourself doing it, embracing it.  When you stop envisioning your dream, your dreams die.

4. Fear.  People are afraid of failure or maybe even afraid of success. They are afraid to try.  They are afraid of being embarrassed, laughed at, or talked about.

5. You are tired... tired of trying and getting minimal results.  Tired of people letting you down.  Tired of coming up short over and over.

6. You have weighed the cost of sacrifice vs. the reward and to you, the sacrifice doesn't seem worth it anymore.

7. Poor self-esteem.  When you don't see the worth in yourself, then it hard to be and stay motivated.  Poor self-esteem reduces expectation.  When you have low self-esteem, you don't think nor expect good things to happen to you. You will find yourself settling for below average things in life.  When a person has a dream or  vision, they see themselves being and doing greater.

Do you find yourself in any of these reasons listed above?

In my next blog, I will discuss things we can do to spark the dream and make it come alive again.

Stay tuned.

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    I have experience about half listed here

    I have experience about half listed here

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