My Prophetic Experience 

My Prophetic Experience - Hearing God Pt.1  by Shirleen Mitchell 
I am so excited about what God is doing in my life that I have to share it with you!  I've been saved for over twenty years and just within the last few years began to truly know God's purpose for my life.  Jeremiah 29:11-13 It was an eye opening, spirit awakening experience.  I remember when I first gave my life to the Lord, I would often hear a voice speaking to me about people and situations, I'd thought that it was just my  
subconscious opinion.  But now I know that it is and was God speaking to me!  I'm aware what purpose God has for my life and am no longer just an oblivious pew member lacking goals, direction or vision to be fulfilled.  I must repeat this point I pray that you see that I say I am no longer just an oblivious pew member lacking goals, direction or vision to be fulfilled.  I've found my true calling which is in accordance with the aspirations of my church/pastor and not taken on a title for the sake of association that I will not earnestly fulfill with God's help and guidance.    
My husband, who is also my pastor went to a seminar in Illinois for Ministering Spiritual Gifts and while away, he called me energized sharing his experience of being challenged to hear God's voice.  He now instructs others on how to hear God's voice at our church.  At the first seminar which I attended I was so amazed on the way that God actually used me to bless others with words that actually ministered to them.   As I  experienced God using me to speak a word to others, I began to hear Him speak to me about what He desired from me.  Then  I was  prophesied to by other participants in the seminar and He confirmed it.  I truly walked away in awe and couldn't sleep that night anticipating God using me on the next day of the seminar.  I felt God's anointing in a breathtaking and humbling manner and was pulled and stretched beyond my imagination.  I've attended a total of four seminars and each one has blessed me to grow and know God even more!

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